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Artist opportunity

Capital Zed invites artists or artist collectives to submit their biography, examples of prior experience of their ability to fulfil the project, and a preliminary vision for the development and execution of “ULLRS THRONE” Public Art piece.


This call follows a two-stage selection process:

- The first stage is a request for design concepts and a profile that demonstrates capability of project Fulfillment.  Those concepts and biography are due January 3rd, 2020 5pm PST

- The second stage is that a panel of judges determine the finalists of the contest and then the public has an opportunity to vote on the pieces from January 4th until the end of January.  The winner will be determined by a combination of the public vote and jury and announced February 4th.


In years past, people would gather to burn skis and snowboards to appease ULLR, the Nordic God of Snow, to ensure a good season. This ritual was abandoned due to the negative environmental impact of burning. Capital Zed would like to bring this tradition back but instead of burning skis and snowboards, the skis and snowboards would be donated by the public to become part of a public work of art – the throne of ULLR.


The goal is to:

- create a point of interest for tourists - photo op.

- plant the seed for future pre-season events


The exact site is to be determine but will be in Creekside

  1. Site:

    • 10’ x 10’ = 100 square feet

    • Installation done by Artist

    • Budget: $15,000 to Artist plus $2000 “construction material” budget.


Estimated timeline

The anticipated schedule for selection of an artist/artist collective and completion of the project is outlined below. Capital Zed reserves the right to modify these dates as required.

Project Phase

Concept submission deadline at 5pm PST - January 16, 2020

Short-listed Artists selected and public input voting begins - January 18, 2020

Public Input Session ends - February 18, 2020

Final selection - March 1, 2020

Design development/production/fabrication - Summer 2020

Unveiling - Pre-Winter Season 2021/22

Entry procedure

Watermark Communications will be accepting submissions on behalf of Capital Zed.  Electronically submitted applications formatted as a PDF to:    

Deadline to apply is January 16, 2020 at 5pm PST.

Artists may put in up to two concepts to be considered. Each concept must be entered as separate submission.


Submission requirements

Stage one: 

Online Submission:

  1. Application Basic Information

  2. Applicant Approach: (1000 character): Describe your general artistic approach and your preliminary vision for this project, including how you plan to celebrate community spirit and take into account the Creekside’s identity and the cultural, historical, and natural attributes of the site. Outline any experience you have creating artwork for the public realm. Confirm availability to undertake this project within the timeline. 

  3. Resume/Curriculum vitae: Attachment.  Include digital image of past work that demonstrate your qualifications for this project.

  4. Concept:  Sketches and any other supporting documents for your proposed “Throne”



If you have any questions about this project, please

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